Story Sells

The stories we love the best live in us forever.

– J.K. Rowling


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Built for influencers

Create authentic content; Promote products you are passionate about; Engage your audience; Make a living.

Stories bring us together

Brands have entertained us with amazing stories over the years. These stories build connections. We enable brands and products to tell more authentic stories through their advocates for a greater impact.

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    Authentic storytelling

    You create new stories you want to tell. Follow your passions. Never compromise authenticity.

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    You're in control

    Upload your video or go live! Anywhere, everywhere. Share and engage with your audiences anywhere in the web.

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    Your passions are your living

    Influencer revenue is evolving. Grow, engage, and evolve with the products and brands you use everyday.

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    Enhance your connections

    Brand storytelling is evolving in the digital space. Empower your advocates and influencers to channel their passions and tell their stories for you.

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    Increase conversions

    Create video transactions everywhere, instead of a single point of sale. This is closed loop attribution on your digital spend.

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    Direct to consumer

    Knowing your customer unlocks the possibilities. Zipline is the key.

Videos on Zipline
About Zipline


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About Zipline

Story. Influence. Sell.

We are fanatic about being the perfect platform to tell real stories. Partner with your favorite brands or products to monetize your authentic content.

We are the mobile/web video platform where transactions occur anywhere, live and in real time. Perfectly positioned at the intersection of eCommerce, video/live content, and partnering with influencers, Zipline allows you to leapfrog your online effectiveness.

Come work with us

Are you passionate about authentic stories that sell? Zipline is hiring! We want your fingerprints on our winning team.