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Zipline delivers high-five worthly effectiveness by combining two of the web's most effective channels: video ecommerce and Influencer marketing.

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Launch an Influencer Video Campaign in a few clicks.

Most Brands today shy away from Influencer Campaigns. Why? Put simply, it's a ton of work. Identification. Outreach. Contracts. Reporting. Zipline automates all of this for Brands. Set up and launch a Campaign in only a few clicks.

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Stop chasing your customers around the internet; bring the checkout to them.

Brands spend thousands driving traffic to their site, then thousands more in retargetting to get it back. With Zipline, brands can let their customers instantly checkout in an Influencer video, keeping their experience and their intention to buy intact. Great for customers - and great for brands because Zipline fees and Influencer commissions are only taken after a sale is made.

Direct Attribution is not a myth.

Zipline's in-video purchase means that the connection between influencer and sale is still holding hands when all is said and done. No link journey to get lost within, no coupon code to forget, and no ambiguity on who drove what. Brands can easily track return-on-investment, per influencer, and get deep insights into Campaign performance.

Influencer Admin? Let us do that.

Zipline removes the burden on brands to track influencer commissions, collect W9's, and provide 1099's at the end of the year. We take their commissions directly from the sale and pay them out in-house. Well, technically in-app.

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Free for real. There is no cost to your brand until a sale processes through our system.

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Submit a Campaign

Create a commissioned opportunity for each product you'd like influencers to promote.

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Review and Approve Influencers

Ensure brand safety and partner fit by assessing each influencers niche and style.

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Automatic Payments & Payouts

Sales revenue is sent directly to your designated bank account within 7 days.

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Sign up. Launch. Sell.

Ok, it might not be 3-step easy, but it's pretty easy.

Equitable Collaborations

Brands need clearer reporting on how effective their influencer campaigns are and influencers need cleaner processes for their followers to buy. And everyone needs to get paid. That's why we created Zipline.

Press play.

Video killed the radio star, and now it's setting its sights on the written word. People can still read (we hope) but studies indicate that they'd prefer to watch. That's why we implemented our in-experience checkout, in-video. We're not saying you have to have video to survive, but 70% of your customers are.

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