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Direct access to Brands.

Zipline has a diverse stream of Brand partnerships for you to peruse, apply to, or join - with generous commissions and simplified campaign deliverables to complete. Discover new brands, or work with the brands you've always loved to create content that's authentic to your interests.

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Create and Share. You know what you're doing.

Once you pair to a brand, and have product in hand, you can create promotional videos using our shoppable player. Reviews, tutorials, non-sequitur sketch comedy - you know what your followers want to see. Share your original content across your social platforms, embed it into your blog, text it to your Mom so she can be the first to tell you you're awesome. Zipline videos can live and play nearly everywhere.

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You earned it.

How many sales have you driven to a brand and not been credited for? More than you know. More than anyone knows really, because the old methods of influencer campaign tracking operated more like a sieve than a funnel. Not cool and not the way we operate. Keep the link between you and your sales strong by letting your followers buy directly in your video. Seriously, in the video. No affiliate links, no coupon codes, it's all-in video, which makes it less likely for your follower to get lost along the way to a sale.

Get paid. Like now.

Zipline has no minimum cash out amount, and your commissions are available to you 7 days after a sale is made. No need to email the brand, submit a request, or signup for a special payments account. You hit 'cash out' and your commissions go directly to your bank account. Earning over $600 in commissions in the calendar year? We'll be sure to get you that 1099 on time.

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Charging an influencer to make money for us would be super greedy. We don't do that.

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Who do YOU want to work with? What products interest you?

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Create & share Zipline Videos

If your followers can be found there, Zipline videos can be too.

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Automatic Payments & Payouts

Commissions can be cashed out to your designated bank account within 7 days of a sale going through.

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Get Partnered. Get Paid.

Ok, it might not be 2-step easy, but it's pretty easy.

Equitable Collaborations

Brands need clearer reporting on how effective their influencer campaigns are and influencers need cleaner processes for their followers to buy. And everyone needs to get paid. That's why we created Zipline.

Press play.

Video killed the radio star, and now it's setting its sights on the written word. People can still read (we hope) but studies indicate that they'd prefer to watch. That's why we implemented our in-experience checkout, in-video. We're not saying you have to have video to survive, but 70% of your customers are.

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Capturing Moments is Important, But so is Privacy

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Start Collaborating with Customer Service. Now.

Start Collaborating with Customer Service. Now.

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